It is a world like our own. Tokyo is a bustling metropolis with a population of 13 million within the city proper, and 35 million in the metro area. Akihabara is still known as the mecca of all geekdom and Shibuya is still one of the greatest shopping centers in the world. Kabukicho is still its famous underbelly, and Roppongi still attracts desperate foreigners. The world at large is much the same. Barack Obama is president of the United States, the Middle East is still in a tinder pot ready to knock over at any time, and Rogersville, Alabama is still a fucking boring city. But look a little deeper.

Seven years ago, a large meteor struck in the northern part of Nerima Ward, and has been closed off to this day. Forty one years ago, Hokkaido suffered one roughly half as devastating. For thirty years, tales of Vampires have abounded in the urban underground. Some turn you into glass, while others will leave you in flames and crumbling to dust. Some claim that the ancient monsters of Japanese lore still live up in the mountains and you can find Oni fighting them. Some claim to see monsters in mirrors, and genies made of sand. Rumors also abound of a secret Moonbase being destroyed some ten years ago.

There are whispers of a secret war waged against a secret organization long ago, whose heroes have established a secret camp in Arizona. Whispers of a girl in a sailor suit defending the streets of London, and a mad-man in a long coat and skull face, terrorizing the alley ways of Kyoto and Osaka.

All of this exists as simple urban legend. But you may ask, in this modern age, how can these secrets possibly be kept under wraps for much longer? There is only once answer… The world is about to change….

Climax Heroes

KateHenderson JDG