Wyatt Cobern

An American school janitor?


Though he has a real name, most of the student body does not know it. All they know is that he is strangely cheerful most of the time, tends to give people the thumbs up at the oddest times, and lives at the school. While none of is particularly strange, the fact that he is an American and very young is source of much musing among the student body. Most American men come to Japan to teach, or find themselves a girl to romance for a week or two, Creepy G just kind of keeps to himself.

For some reason, this leads to legends among the students that he is actually a lecherous ghost that haunts the school, looking for young maidens to kidnap and take with him back to his evil netherworld. Others purport he is just a lecherous American who somehow got residency status to work in a high school and oogle young high school girls. Some even say he is an alien.

After the incident at Kigurashi cave, Wyatt has been transformed into a white armored creature with seemingly no mind. He has escaped into the city, seemingly on the heels of the transformed Sawaki Yukina.

Wyatt Cobern, white armored form

Wyatt Cobern

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