Sawaki Yukina


Even in such a progressive high school as Amanogawa, you cannot escape “the Queen.” Yukina is the default ruler of the school, much to Miu’s consternation. She has her entourage of devoted lackeys, her cold, no nonsense stare, and an air of being above it all so palpable, no one who meets can miss it. She is a young, regal, beautiful young woman, and she carries herself that way. She must as the only acknowledged heiress of the Sawaki Zaibatsu.

She is also a bit of a petrol head, and most students can hear her thundering down the road on her very fast, and very expensive Honda crotch rocket.

In the aftermath of the Kigurashi Cave incident, Yukina has been transformed into a strange creature by the creature that awakened after the Silver Crystal exploded. Little is known about this odd form, and she has escaped into the city, with Creepy G’s new form following behind her.

"Dragon" Yukina


Sawaki Yukina

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