Climax Heroes

New Horizons

In our first adventure, we meet a few of our protagonists. The mono-named Akatsuki, the child-like Mahouno Masami, and the effervescent Fuuno Inari. Very quickly we learn that our students are not typical for your average Japanese faire…

Inari is a priestess of the Fuuno Clan, tasked with purifying evil spirits with power of Wind Kami. And, as well, reveals herself to be the Sailor Senshi on Wings, Sailor Zephyr!

Masami is a moe ninja of Elipse Shinobi Clan, and heir to her clan’s powerful Kekkei Genkai!

Akatsuki is an Oni, and demon fighter!

The three attend the progressive Amanogawa High School, a mix of traditional and progressive teaching styles and subjects, heavily funded by NASA and the ESA.

It was far from a normal first day as they met the school’s eclectic cast of characters, one of them approaching and saying he would befriend them no matter what. They met school’s Ice Queen and resident petrol-head, Yukina, and discovered the strange janitor’s proclivity to give them a thumbs up. Even stranger, however, was Masami’s battles with the strange bug demons beginning to inhabit Japan’s shrines, meeting Akatsuki’s other, demonic form. Inari participated in an exorcism, only to have to reveal her powers as a Senshi, and her other life to her father inadvertently. Later that night, Inari met a strange entity that kept calling out the name “Serenity!” in a strange way, then fighting an odd monster after trying in vain to purify it.

The girls also learned of strange web-like cords around their necks that can only be seen in a mirror.


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